Turning 23

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I-am-so-blessed :') God is so soo kind. Thank you, on this special day My Dad still healthy.

Thank you to send the-chubby-and-handsome creature for me. He gave me a huge Hello Kitty cake; cooked Nasi kuning, Fried Chicken, Sambel terasi pete; and made Telur Ulang tahun ( all is so delicious!!! I'm gulping when writed this ); sticked purple baloons on his dorm walls; and gave me a Baymax doll ( I always hug the doll whenever I miss him because it looks like him ). It is not about the price He spent but about his effort to make me happy on my special day and I feel loved. I love love love you so much, Bul YYY
Does word beyond "love" exist? Because the love itself can't describe my love for you.

Purple Hello Kitty, major love!

It is rainbow on the inside. Double cuteness.

Hello Baymax :D I'll hug you when I miss my Bulbul


Look at those! How cute!!

Indonesian Fried Chicken

Also God, thank you to send Me a good friends. Roris, Yuni and Tiwi made a surprise at Margo City.


Also Rico, Mba Titi and Firdha made a surprise at Kalibata Mall.
The Red Velvet is delicious and sweet, guys, but your caring is sweeter. The blouse and skirt is good, but your presence is better.
The sushi is tasty but it is because I ate it with a special ones.

Ready to blow the candle :p

I thank God also to friend that send Me Happy Birthday messages and a prayer. It is more than words.  Thank you all ^^


I will remember

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Dear, my self in the future.

Maybe someday you will get bored and browsing some random stuff, you will find this post.
I'm at Family Mart, Pamulang when write this :) remember?
In the future, you will be more tough. You will smile easily, like everything's alright.
You will remember that you can do all of those because urself in this day.
You will smile with teary eyes when read this. Remember that you unexpectedly can through these times.




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Y:       Have you had your breakfast?
Me:    Yes, I had....mmm guess it. It is dark, small and drowning
Y:       Coffee ?
Me:     No, you've lost one chance
Y:        Martabak manis ?
Me:     Noooo...it's drowning
Y:        Jajangmyeon? Tomyam? Spaghetti? Pempek?
Me:     All is wrong, the answer is cereal :D
Y:        What? How come it is dark? It is white milk, isn't?
Me:      Mmm...yes but the cereal is dark -_-
Y:        *laughing out loud* *swt*


Currently playing

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The Corrs - What can I do

John Legend - All of Me

Raisa - LDR

Richard Marx - Right Here Waiting

Justin Timberlake - Mirror

Zedd - Clarity

Rihanna - Stay

Kim Soo Hyun - Only You One Person


Quarter Life Crisis

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Quarter Life Crisis or Mid-life Crisis is a condition when you feel doubtful & afraid being an adult. It commonly attacks to late teen ( 20s years old ).
Have you ever feel that you are so happy being early adult ( 18-20s years old ) ? When your parents doesn't underestimate you anymore?. When you can do whatever you want? I feel happy and free. But in the other hand, I realize that I will stand on my own feet. I have to work to fund my own needs. I will marry and have a baby. I have responsible for ( the rest of ) my life ! Who wants to live happily and no regret? Everybody does, right? Me include.

I like my college life but I also want to graduate and get a job but then I'm afraid. I'm afraid that I will not get my dream job. I'm afraid that I can't pursue my dreams. I'm afraid that I can't fulfill my child's needs someday. But I don't want to live as college student for my entire life.

This is crisis make me stress and then I pray. May He answer my pray :) amen. Then I polish my nails, maybe it will boost my mood. I polish it with pink and mint colour. Just like my currently feelings, it has two sides.


Tell Me who your friend is and I'll tell you who You are

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Have you heard this Turkish Proverb?
Tell Me who your friend is and I'll tell you who You are.
I definitely agree with this quote. You will only fit with someone who have a similar attitude / personality / hobby / dream etc. Thus your friend reflect your personality. For example, just like lion and deer. Lion will only with other lions. Deer will only with other deer. Bad people will only fit with bad people and so does good people.

Anyways, as time goes by I find myself want to be alone. I don't know why but I like to be alone.
I like to meet new people, I like to have a new friend. But I prefer to be alone. Alone doesn't mean lonely. Alone means that you can't hurt other people and vice versa. Although we don't mean to hurt someone but we always do. Sometimes, I'm afraid that I hurt my friend with my words or my behavior.



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One day you'll meet a guy. And ultimately, he's going to find out. How you chew, how you sip, how you dance, how you smile at every point in the day. How your face looks underneath all your makeup. How you love chocolate, how you can be hyper at times, how certain games and shows make you really happy. How cranky you can get when you're tired, how you think you look bad in all your photos. He's going to know everything about you. And you know what? He's still going to love you.

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